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TauCoin - Lannister Capital

TauCoin is the utility token for Lannister Capital’s ICO.  We designed and built their web3-integrated website with node.js and react.js, designed and developed their whitepaper, and developed their ERC20 smart contract token, all within 60 days.


Reata Ranch

Reata Ranch is a Colorado sheep and cattle ranch which offers backcountry horseback camping adventures as well has horse training.


Desert View Realty

Desert View Realty is an independent Real Estate brokerage in Arizona.  They provide amazing service to their clients and are the #1 brokerage in Queen Creek, AZ.


Rescue Pet Shop

Rescue Pet Shop is a rescue-focused online pet supply shop.  They donate toys, supplies, and funds directly to the rescues in their Rescue Recipient Network for every purchase made.  They’re truly doing something great and we loved working with them.


Flex it Pink

Flex it Pink is an incredible organization supporting women through fitness and motivation.  They donate a large portion of their proceeds to women-focused charities, and have inspired millions of women to change their own lives!


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